reWORK – Optimizing OneSource Virtual

By Angela Ramer, Kate Davis on November 15, 2017

The workplace is one of the most strategic assets an organization can leverage. A company can differentiate itself from competitors by calibrating its workplace to optimize business operations, enhance brand presence, and bolster employee recruitment and retention.

A series of project case studies, reWORK highlights the integration of research and design. Before we begin to design, we define measurable workplace goals and objectives by capturing and analyzing the employee experience.

In our newest edition of reWORK, we capture OneSource Virtual’s new headquarters through methods including focused observation, interviews and employee surveys within a third-party perspective. Key design directives were:

  • How to spend space more wisely.
  • Recruiting & retaining top talent.
  • Promoting culture & duality of space.

Results-driven and people-oriented, our design for OneSource Virtual optimizes the work environment. Highlights of the final design’s business impact include:

  • Reducing square footage: due to the digital nature of OneSource Virtual’s business, less space is needed for production materials and storage.
  • Promoting employee health: Many employees work shifted hours in the early morning or evenings, so access to healthy food options was important.
  • Balancing transparency & privacy: the design balances open-door access to executives with more discrete areas that protect customer privacy.

Click the following image for detailed information about the goals and impact of our design for OneSource Virtual.

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