reWORK – Zev Yaroslavsky Family Support Center

By Thom Greving on May 2, 2018

The workplace is one of the most strategic assets an organization can leverage. Design helps organizations optimize business operations, enhance brand presence, and bolster employee recruitment and retention.

A series of project case studies, reWORK highlights the integration of research and design. Before we begin to design, we define measurable workplace goals and objectives by capturing and analyzing the employee experience.

In our latest edition of reWORK, we illustrate how empathy and imagination drove the County of Los Angeles to envision bold institutional change in its highly qualitative and progressive program for the new Zev Yaroslavsky Family Support Center in San Fernando Valley, California.

Even under stressful conditions for clients and employees alike, responsiveness and compassion must live at the core of a successful public service institution. County employees in high-demand jobs must call upon this foundational ability in their workplace. Together with our client, we set out to transform an institutional environment that serves the most fragile of its constituents by providing an inspiring, supportive and respectful environment for those seeking support, as well as those providing it.

Empathy infused the design process that envisioned outcomes through understanding the employee and client experience from their own unique perspectives, giving the design team insight into the environments and experiences needed to support successful outcomes.

Key design directives included:

  • Improve the quality of service and experience for the public
  • Enhance the employee experience & promote interdepartmental connectivity
  • Enhance the surrounding community
  • Create lasting value for the County

Click the following image for detailed information about the goals and impact of our design for Zev Yaroslavsky Family Support Center

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